3. How to Put God's Words into Practice to Enter the Reality of the Truth | GOSPEL OF THE DESCENT OF THE KINGDOM (2023)

Relevant Words of God:

God does not require of humans the mere ability to speak about reality; That would be too easy, right? Then why does God speak of entering into life? Why are you talking about transformation? If people can only talk about reality in vain, can they achieve a change in character? The good soldiers of the kingdom are not trained to be a bunch of people who can only talk about reality or boast; Rather, they are trained to live by God's words at all times, to remain unyielding no matter what setbacks they face, and to consistently live by God's words and not turn away from the world. This is the reality God speaks of; that is God's requirement of man. So don't look at the reality that God speaks of as too simple. The mere enlightenment of the Holy Spirit is not the possession of reality. This is not the greatness of man, it is the grace of God to which man contributes nothing. Every human being must endure the sufferings of Peter and, even more, possess the glory of Peter that comes after winning the work of God. Only this can be called reality. Don't think you own reality just because you can talk about it; that is a fallacy. Such thoughts are not God's will and have no real meaning. Do not say such things in the future, delete these words! All those with a wrong understanding of God's words are unbelievers. They have no real knowledge, let alone real stature; They are ignorant people who lack reality. In other words, all those who live outside the essence of God's words are unbelievers. Those viewed by people as unbelievers are beasts in God's eyes, and those viewed by God as unbelievers are people who do not have God's words as their life. Therefore, it can be said that those who lack the reality of God's words and who do not live His words are unbelievers. God's purpose is for everyone to live the reality of their words, not only for everyone to speak about reality, but even more so for everyone to live the reality of their words.

– The Word, Vol. 1. The appearing and working of God. Only putting the truth into practice is having reality

What is the most important thing in the practice of truth? Isn't it that you have to understand the principles first? What are the principles? Principles are the practical side of truth. When you read a sentence of God's words, you think it's the truth, but you don't understand the principles it contains; he feels that the prayer is right, but he does not know how practical it is or what condition it is for. They cannot understand his principles or his path of practice. For you this truth that you perceive is only teaching. However, if you understand the truth of this prayer and the requirements of God, if you truly understand these things and are able to pay the price and put them into practice, then you will attain that truth. As you gradually attain this truth, your corrupt characters will be dissolved and this truth will be forged within you. If you are able to put into practice the reality of truth, and if the fulfillment of your duty, all your actions and conduct as a person are based on the principles of practicing that truth, are you not changing? Above all, you have become someone who has truth-reality. Isn't it the same who owns the truth as who works by principles? And isn't he who acts on principles the same as he who has the truth? Is not one who is in possession of the truth also able to conform to the will of God? That's how these things are connected.

- Community of God

Whatever aspect of truth-reality you have heard, if you are against it, implement these words into your own life and incorporate them into your own practice, then you will definitely achieve something and you will surely change. If you stick these words in your stomach and memorize them in your brain, you will never change. As you listen to the sermons, think like this: “To what condition do these words refer? What aspect of being do they refer to? In what matters should I apply this aspect of truth? Whenever I do something related to this aspect of truth, am I practicing accordingly? And if I put it into practice, does my online status match these words? If not, should I seek, communicate, or wait?” Do you practice this way in your life? If you don't do this, your life will be without God and without the truth. You live by the letter and doctrine, or by your own interests, confidence, and enthusiasm. Those who do not have truth as their reality are those who do not have reality, and the people who do not have God's words as their reality are people who have not entered into God's words. Do you understand what I'm saying? It's better if you are, but regardless of how you understand them and how much you understand from what you hear, it is critical that you apply what you have learned into your life and into practice can implement. Only then can your stature grow, and only then can changes in your character take place.

– “The Most Basic Practice of Being an Honest Person” in the Records of Christ's Latter-day Discourses

Stepping into the reality of truth is not an easy matter. The key is to focus on seeking the truth and putting it into practice. You must keep these things in your heart every day. Don't always protect your own interests, no matter what problems you face. Instead, learn to seek the truth and reflect on yourself. No matter what defilements are revealed in you, you cannot let them go unnoticed; it is better that you can reflect and recognize your corrupted essence. When your thoughts in everyday situations are focused on how to resolve your corrupt disposition, how to practice the truth, and what the principles of truth are, then you can learn to use the truth to solve your problems according to God's will. Words. . . This will gradually bring you into reality. If your head is full of thoughts about how to get to a higher position or what you need to do in front of others so that they admire you, then you are on the wrong track. It means you are doing things for Satan; You are Ministering When your mind is filled with thoughts of how to change to become more and more human, you are aligned with God's purposes, able to submit and honor Him, showing restraint and His testing in all things you do, accept. do, then your condition will get better and better. That's what it means to be someone who lives before God. So there are two ways: one only emphasizes behavior, the fulfillment of your own ambitions, desires, intentions and plans; that means living before Satan and living under his dominion. The other path emphasizes how to do God's will, step into the truth-reality, submit to God, and have no faults or disobedience to God, so that one honors God and does one's duty well. That's what it means to live before God.

– “Only by practicing the truth can ordinary mankind be possessed” in Records of Christ's Conversations of the Last Days

People who really devote themselves to God put their whole being before Him; they truly submit to all His sayings and are able to put His words into action. They make the words of God the basis of their existence, and they can delve seriously into the words of God to find out which parts they need to practice. These are the people who really live before God. If what you are doing is beneficial to your life and by eating and drinking His words you can satisfy your inner needs and shortcomings so that your life disposition is changed, then this will satisfy God's will. When you act according to God's requirements and satisfy His will, not the flesh, then you have entered the reality of His words. When it comes to stepping more realistically into the reality of God's words, it means you can do your duty and meet God's requirements. Only this kind of practical action can be called entering into the reality of His words. If you can enter this reality, you will possess the truth. This is the beginning of entering reality; You must first complete this training, and only then can you enter even deeper realities.

– The Word, Vol. 1. The appearing and working of God. Those who truly love God are the ones who can absolutely submit to its practicality.

(Video) Christian Song | "How to Enter the Reality of God's Words"

Ever since people began to believe in God, they had many bad intentions. If you don't put the truth into practice, you will feel that all your intentions are right, but if something happens to you, you will see that there are many bad intentions in you. So when God makes people perfect, He makes them realize that there are many ideas within them that hinder their knowledge of God. When you realize that your intentions are bad, when you are able to stop practicing according to your ideas and intentions, and are able to bear witness to God and stand firm in whatever happens to you, it proves that you have rebelled against the flesh. When you rebel against the flesh, there will inevitably be a struggle within you. Satan will try to get people to follow him, he will try to get them to follow the ideas of the flesh and uphold the interests of the flesh, but God's words will enlighten and enlighten people from within, and at that point it's up to you. follow or not follow god or follow satan. God is asking people to put the truth into practice, to deal chiefly with the things that are in them, to deal with their thoughts and ideas that are not after God's heart. The Holy Spirit touches people in their hearts and enlightens and enlightens them. Because of this, there is a struggle behind everything that happens: every time people put the truth into practice or put God's love into practice, there is a great struggle, and even though all seems right in their flesh, In the bottom of his heart there is actually a fight to the death, and only after this intense fight, after a lot of time to think about it, can victory or defeat be decided. We don't know whether to laugh or cry. Because many of the intentions in people are wrong, or because much of God's work is contrary to their conceptions, a great battle rages behind the scenes as people put the truth into practice. After putting this truth into practice behind the scenes, people will have shed countless tears of sadness before finally deciding to please God. For this struggle, people endure suffering and purification; this is real suffering. When the battle comes upon you, if you are able to truly side with God, you will be able to please God. By practicing the truth it is inevitable that one will suffer internally; If everything were right in people in the practice of truth, then they would not need to be perfected by God, there would be no struggle, and they would not suffer. Because there are many things in man that are not fit for God's use, and because there is much of the rebellious character of the flesh, men must learn the lesson of rebellion against the flesh more deeply. This is what God calls the suffering He put man to endure with Him. When you encounter difficulties, hurry up and pray to God, “O God! I want to please you, I want to endure supreme suffering to please your heart, and no matter how great the setbacks I suffer, I still have to please you. Even if I have to give up my whole life, I still have to satisfy him!” With that determination, as you pray like this, you will be able to stand firm in your testimony. Every time people put the truth into practice, every time they undergo purification, every time they are put to the test, and every time God's work comes upon them, people endure extreme pain . All of this is a test for people, and therefore there is a struggle going on in all of them. That's the real price they pay. Reading more of God's words and walking more is part of that prize. It's what people have to do, it's their duty and responsibility to fulfill, but people have to let go of what needs to be let go. If you don't, no matter how great your outward suffering, no matter how much you run, it will all be in vain! That is, only the changes within you can determine whether your external difficulties are worth it. As your inner character changes and you put the truth into practice, all your outward sufferings will gain God's approval; If your inner disposition has not changed, no matter how much suffering you endure or how much you run outward, there will be no approval from God, and difficulties that are not approved by God are in vain. So whether or not God approves the price you paid depends on whether something has changed in you and whether you have put the truth into practice and rebelled against your own intentions and ideas in order to attain the satisfaction of existence's will god. , knowledge of God and faithfulness to God. No matter how far you go, if you never knew how to rebel against your own intentions, but only seek outward action and fervor and never mind your life, then your struggles will be in vain. If you want to say something in a certain environment, but feel inside that it is not right to say it, that it will not benefit your brothers and might harm them, then you will not say it, preferring to incur pain for it feel inwardly, because these words cannot fulfill the will of God. Right now there will be a struggle inside you, but you will be willing to endure the pain and give up what you love. Will you be willing to endure this hardship to please God, and even if you suffer inner pain, you will not yield to the flesh, and God's heart will be satisfied, and therefore you will also be comforted within? It really does pay a price, and it is the price God desires. If you practice this way, God will surely bless you; if you don't understand that, then everything is for naught, no matter how much you understand or how well you can speak! If along the path to loving God you are able to stand with God when he fights Satan and not turn to Satan, then you have attained God's love and asserted yourself. stand firm in his testimony.

– The Word, Vol. 1. The appearing and working of God. Loving only God means truly believing in God

In short, walking the path of Peter by faith is walking the path of seeking truth, which is also the path of true self-knowledge and character transformation. Only by following Peter's path will one be on the path to being perfected by God. It is necessary to be clear about exactly how to follow Peter's way and how to put it into practice. First, one must put aside one's intentions, improper activities, and even one's family and all things of the flesh. One must be wholeheartedly devoted; that is, one should devote oneself entirely to God's Word, focus on eating and drinking of God's words, focus on seeking God's truth and purposes in His words, and seek to understand God's will in everything. . This is the most basic and important method of practice. This is what Peter did after seeing Jesus, and it is only by practicing in this way that the best results can be obtained. Sincere devotion to God's words primarily involves seeking truth, seeking God's purposes in His words, focusing on understanding God's will, and understanding and gaining more truth from God's words. As Peter read his words, he did not focus on understanding doctrine, much less acquiring theological knowledge; Instead, he focused on understanding the truth and God's will, as well as understanding His character and His beauty. Peter also sought to understand man's various corrupt states from God's words, as well as man's corrupt nature and actual faults, so as to fulfill all aspects of God's requirements of man to satisfy him. Peter had so many right practices that they obeyed the words of God; this was more in accordance with God's will and was the best way for a person to work together while experiencing God's work. As Peter endured hundreds of trials, he carefully examined himself against every word of God's judgment upon man, every word of God's revelation upon man, and every word of His requirements of man, and strove to understand the meaning of those words. He tried earnestly to think and memorize every word Jesus said to him, and he got very good results. Through this form of practice he was able to understand himself from God's words and understood not only the various corrupt states of man but also the essence, nature and various defects of man. This is what it means to really understand yourself. From God's words Peter gained a true understanding not only of himself, but of the things expressed in God's words - God's righteous disposition, what He has and is, God's will for His work, His requirements for mankind - from these words he came to know God fully. He learned the character of God and His essence; he learned and understood what God has and is, God's beauty, and God's requirements of man. Although God did not speak as much then as he does now, results were achieved with Peter in this regard. That was something rare and precious. Peter went through hundreds of tests, but he didn't suffer in vain. He not only came to understand himself through God's words and works, but he also came to know God. In addition, in his words he focused particularly on God's requirements for mankind. Whatever aspects man must fulfill in order to be in accordance with God's will, Peter was able to put much effort into those aspects and achieve complete clarity; this was extremely beneficial in terms of his own contribution. No matter what God said, as long as those words were alive and true, Peter could engrave them on his heart to ponder and cherish often. After hearing the words of Jesus, he was able to take them to heart, showing that he put special focus on God's words and ended up getting real results. That is, he was able to freely put God's words into practice, accurately practice the truth and conform to God's will, act fully in accordance with God's purpose, and put aside his own personal opinions and notions. In this way Peter entered into the reality of God's words.

– „Passing Pedro's Way“ auf Latter-day Christ Talk Records

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How do you put into practice the word of God? ›

5 Biblical Ways to Live God's Truth (Bible Verses: James 1:21-25)
  1. Apply God's Word by Remaining in Jesus/ Being Filled with the Holy Spirit. ...
  2. Apply God's Word through Prayer/Asking for the Power. ...
  3. Apply God's Word by Reading, Understanding, Memorizing, and Meditating Over the Word of God.
Sep 21, 2015

How do I practice the presence of God in my life? ›

Here are a few activities that many of us know we're supposed to practice, but forget that their purpose is to connect to His presence:
  1. Reading the Bible. ...
  2. Pray. ...
  3. Read a Christian teaching or devotional book or memoir. ...
  4. Join a small group. ...
  5. Admit that you can't do it all on your own. ...
  6. Say you're sorry and/or forgive.
Apr 11, 2018

What is the practice of God's truth? ›

23:27.) We must not only seem but also be what God would expect of His sons and daughters. The practice of truth, the acid test of our commitment, is known by many terms—for example, honesty, integrity, uprightness, and probity.

How do you practice the truth? ›

Meditate on truth. Derive inspiration from the lives of those who have sacrificed their all for the sake of truth. Punish yourself by fasting if you tell a lie and record the lies in a diary. Gradually the number of lies will decrease and you will become a truthful man.

Why is it important to put God's Word into practice? ›

We read, He speaks, we are transformed. When we study the Bible together, God promises to reveal Himself, to teach us how to obey Him, and to show us how to love one another. When we are changed to become more like Jesus, our family, workplaces and communities will be eternally impacted.

What does it mean to practice God's Word? ›

Simply put, praying God's Word means speaking His language. It means talking to Him using His words. Don't waste time looking for a “formula” or “right” way to pray God's Word back to Him. This process comes from what is in your heart and on your mind.


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