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Conan Exiles has a unique mechanic that no other survival game has tried. This role is called slaves, NPCs who perform various functions for you. Yes, you can use slaves in Conan Exiles for various things like defending your base, working stations, for entertainment and much more. We've put together this guide to the best slaves in Conan Exiles.

We know many other features of Conan Exiles, e.g. B. You can ride your pets to reach your goal much faster, you can choose to follow differentreligions, create tons of articles, and hundreds of other resources. However, slaves can stand out from all of the above qualities, as they are lively people who will help you in many ways.

The best slaves in Conan Exiles can fall into the category of fighters while fighting opponents. But the slaves who work therecraft stationsit may also turn out better than others. These slaves can unlock some unique recipes for you and also reduce crafting time. It depends on what kind of skills you are looking for.

Slaves are designed to perform a variety of tasks. They have different professions, each slave has a specific profession such as archer, alchemist, gunsmith, carpenter, cook, entertainer, fighter and others.

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These are some of the best slaves in Conan Exiles:

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Best Battle Slaves

  • Veteran Archer of the Amazon:He is a battle slave who knows how to use a bow and arrow. Amazon Veteran Archer can prove to be the best slave archer as he has the highest health points among all others. He stands out with 8160 health points.
  • Asen-Veteran:Looking for the best slave fighter? This is for you. Aesir Veteran leaves all other slave fighters far behind as it has a health point rating of 8160. This is the ultimate slave fighter if you plan on protecting your base.

The best alchemist slaves

You can choose any of the alchemist slaves you like, as they have no health factor. They only work on crafting benches and increase crafting speed. You may choose any alchemist slave, as long as race is not important to you.

  • Karl Blackhand:This one is of the Nordheim breed. Karl Black's hand can be used on benches like the Precision Firebowl Cauldron,Alchemistenbank, Improved Alchemy Bank, Commercial Alchemy Bank, and a few others.
  • Festival-Mixmaster:Here is another alchemist slave of the Nordheimer race. He also has practically the same abilities as Karl Black Hand. Mixmaster Festus can be used at the following stations: Fermentation Barrel, Giant Brazier, Precision Brazier, Alchemist Bench, Improved Alchemist Bench, Commercial Alchemist Bench, Precision Alchemist Bench, Dyebench, Brazier Kettle, Improved Brazier Kettle.

Armored Slaves

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Gunsmith Slaves can come in handy when you want to speed up crafting at the armor bank or tannery. Here crafting recipes can be completed in 2x faster time when Gunsmith Slave is placed. Gunsmith slaves fall under the category of workers, so they don't have hit points. You can choose whatever you like, regardless of race.

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  • Aldrik of the North Sea:This slave is of the Nordheimer race and has a Scoutwright specialization, which means it can reduce the weight of crafted items. Aldrik of the North Sea can be used on the Argossean Artisan Table, Campaign Armorer's Bench, Garrison Armorer's Bench, Tanner's Table, Tinker's Bench, Casting Table, Armorer's Bench and some others.
  • Eni's Forged Iron:This armorer slave is of the Zamora race. It has the same specialization as the previous one and can be used on tables like the Khitan Artisan Table.craft table, Saddler's Bench, Improved Gunsmith's Bench, Field Gunsmith's Bench, Garrison Gunsmith's Bench, Tanner's Bench, Tinsmith's Bench.

Best transport slaves

These are slaves capable of fighting and carrying heavy objects for you. Transport Slaves can be great companions when exploring different regions and you want to bring some extra items back to your base.

  • Parfet Camelback:Parfat camelback occupies the first position among the bearer slaves. He has a hitpoint rating of 5920, which is pretty good. Parfat Camelback belongs to the Stygian breed.
  • Hitchhiker Henrik:Hitchhiker Henrik takes second place as he is still way better than the rest with 5440 health points. This belongs to the Nordheim breed.

Blacksmith's best slaves

Blacksmiths are also worker slaves, so they don't have any health points, you can choose one of them as you like. Blacksmiths are usually placed on the blacksmith's bench or crafting table.

  • Galen Builder:This slave is of the Hyborian race and has a Tempersmith specialization that increases the durability of crafted items.
  • Steelbeak Bassan:Bassan Steeltoe follows the Cimmerian race and specializes in Edgecraft. This specialization increases the armor penetration of crafted items.

The best carpenter slaves

These slaves can work at the carpenter's bench or the artisan's bench. Carpenter slaves have no hit points while working in your base.

  • Altaraxtschleifer:Alter Axe-Grinder is a Hyborian with a specialization in Fletcher. This specialization is designed to increase the armor penetration of crafted items.
  • Annan of the Lost Tribe:Annan of the Lost Tribe is descended from the Cimmerian race. This Thrall has the Constructor specialization, which increases the durability of crafted items.

The best slave cooks

As the name suggests, they are the ones who work with your food resources. They will help you cook food faster and unlock some unique recipes.

  • Chopper-Airk:This slave comes from the Nordheimer breed. It can be placed on the bonfire or bonfire.
  • Taradis-Chef:Chief Taradis is among thoseSourceCareer you can put it in Bonfire or Campfire.

best slave artist

Animators are mainly used to clean corruption and regenerate health. These slaves can be classified because they have health points that make them stronger than others. Artists can really improve their observation base and make it a much better place to rest when returning from the outside world.

  • I love the seductress:This Thrall remains at the top with the highest health stat of 4440.
  • Lianeele:In second place is Lianeele, who has a health index of 4437.

Now we know a lot about slaves and you can choose the best slaves in Conan Exiles. However, it would be good to select at least one slave from each category. Slaves are added to the game for a better experience and help you complete tasks much better and faster.

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What is the best weapon for Thrall?

Weapons like swords and clubs can be a good option. it iswaffenYou can deal more damage to opponents. Then you can choose whether you want them to wield a mighty sword or a mace.

You can also make them use an axe, which is a pretty good weapon compared to a bow.

How to capture slaves in Conan Exiles?

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Players can easily capture slaves in Conan Exiles by following a few simple steps. To capture a slave you don't need to have any extraordinary skills, just a few simple steps to follow.

You must reach at least 10 to unlock the Thrall Taker skill. You will be asked to create awheel of painused to enslave a slave. Also, you need to craft fiber poles and ropes.

Now go to an NPC slave and damage him with the truncheon. Keep an eye on his health bar. You just have to hit him until he's unconscious. The white line above your health bar shows your conscious and unconscious state.

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Once Thrall is rendered unconscious, bind him with Fiber Bindings and drag him to the Wheel of Pain. Put some food in the Wheel of Pain's inventory and link it to the Wheel of Pain. Now just wait a moment for the process to complete and there you have it, your enslaved slave.

Melhor JcJ Thrall Conan Exiles

Best slaves in Conan Exiles - Nerd Lodge (4)

Well, we know that slave fighters are the best for combat. In terms of PVP, the same battle slaves are a good option.

The best and most powerful Thrall can be identified by the highest skill points such as Strength, Agility, Vitality, Accuracy and Survival.

  • Relic Hunter Treasure Hunter:This is a slave warrior with the following stats: Strength 0, Agility 15, Vitality 10, Accuracy 20, Survival 0.
  • lian:Lian is also a slave fighter with stats like Strength 30, Agility 5, Vitality 10, Accuracy 0, Survival 0.
  • Shared by Snowhunter:In the third we have Dalinisia Snowhunte. He has the following stats: Strength 15, Agility 0, Vitality 30, Accuracy 0, Survival 0.
  • Cimmerian Berserker:This is the fourth slave fighter on our list. Cimmerian Berserker has the following stats: Strength 15, Agility 0, Vitality 30, Accuracy 0, Survival 0.
  • Teimos Beast Master:Finally, we have Beastmaster Teimos. This slave warrior has the following stats: Strength 1, Agility 2, Vitality 3, Accuracy 30, Survival 15.

Best Thrall Conan Exiles Fighter locations

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Battle slaves with high stats are not that easy to find. They only appear in certain locations on the map. So here we are going to discuss the exact locations where you can find these slaves.

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  • basement dungeon:Here you will find the Relic Hunter Treasure Hunter. It's a battle slave we discussed above.
  • Lian Rails:This is where Lian appears. Visit this location on the map to get Lian.
  • Hill of the Dead:This location has several locations where Dalinsia Snowhunter spawns. You can visit this place if you are ready to capture this slave.
  • Hill of the Dead:This is the second Thrall wandering near the water under Mounds of the Dead. You can find Cimmerian Berseker here in the Hills of the Dead.
  • Bucaneiros Bay:Here in Buccaneer Bay you can also find Beastmaster Teimos and some other slaves. So this could be a great place to visit.

Here we discuss a lot of information about the best slaves in Conan Exiles. After reading this guide you should have enough details about the best slaves that you can find and use for different purposes.

Also, we've discussed the locations where you're sure to find at least one or two different Thralls.



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