Shake Up Your Faith: 6 Ways to Put Faith Into Action (2023)

when was the last timeHave you stopped at a single scripture? In our impulsive consumer culture, slowing down to enjoy just a few words over a long period of time is not the norm, but it is very beneficial, especially when the words are from God. Next week we invite you to reflect on a daily themeActs 2:42–47 (NIV)And let these verses build your faith in how God works through His children.

Day 1: Habit

And they devoted themselves to the teaching and fellowship of the apostles, the breaking of bread and prayer.— Atos 2:42

Note the use of "dedicated". Was the burgeoning church compromised by just one cause or cultural trend? NO. They practiced the cornerstone of the body of Christ: hearing the Word of God preached, meeting together, enjoying the rhythm of daily meals and fellowship, andpray. These seemingly simple practices, and others like the Sabbath and fasting, have shaped God's people into His living kingdom for millennia. When we act with conviction that the power of the kingdom of God can flourish through formative habits created with trusting, repeated faith, we will grow.

Without the formative rhythms of spiritual disciplines, not only do we become people who live for God, but daily habits can make us people who believe in His promises under all circumstances.


Ask God to show you an area of ​​your life that is shaped more by the world than by His Word. How can a spiritual practice like contemplative prayer or fasting realign you to its truth? Consider inviting a family member or friend to join you in this new discipline - accountability helps!

For children and families: What habit could you develop alone or with your family that would help you draw closer to God this month?

Day 2: power

And fear seized every soul, and many wonders and signs were done by the apostles.— Atos 2:43

The story of Scripture is, from beginning to end, that God creates a people for himself and establishes his kingdom through them. God's miracles not only demonstrate His power, although they always do, but they are part of His plan to draw people to Him.

Paul writes in Romans 4:17 that we serve a God who "calls into existence things which are not." If our Creator is powerful enough to restore life when death seems to rule, can we believe that He is powerful enough to work "miracles and signs" in situations or places that seem hopeless? A world of change is possible when Christians believe and act.God's power to work a miracle.


Ask God if there is anything stopping you from fully believing in His power to work for you. Is there a place in your life where you need to say to him, “I believe; help my unbelief” (Mark 9:24)?

For children and families: Discuss with your family some of the miracles that Jesus performed during his time on earth. What catches your attention and why?

Day 3: Community

And all who believed were together and had everything in common.— Atos 2:44

Contrary to what our individualistic culture tells us, as God's people we are responsible for one another. We do not have the opportunity to live the Christian life in a vacuum, and Scripture does not present isolated individuals as ideals. Time and again the Bible emphasizes the body of believers and our common, if confused, community life.

What is it like to have "all things in common" in a culture that not only values ​​individualism but also celebrates dissent and discord? This simple but difficult verse reminds us that God's people should share all of life. The parts where we disagree. The parts that bother us. The parts we'd rather not talk about. This is a radical call to the Church at a time when division is becoming more commonplace. And it's a beautiful way to Godshow your kindness through your peopleto the world.


Ask God how you can be more involved in fellowship with your people. Are there areas you need to push to become difficult or isolating? Are there areas where you can celebrate your shared life with God's people?

For children and families: Talk to your own family about what it means to be part of God's family. How do you think the relationships in God's family are similar or different from those in your own family?

Day 4: generosity

And they sold their possessions and goods and distributed the proceeds to all according to need.– Atos 2:45

God's generous gift to us in Jesus is our best motivator for generosity to others. And the early church consisted of at least a few people who had personally seen the Father's gift! That must be part of what made them such a radically generous group, going so far as to sell what they had to meet everyone's needs equally. Remember what Jesus said to the rich young man in Luke 18:22? “Sell all you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.”

This ruler chose not to believe that Jesus' promise of eternal life was better than his many possessions. But in Acts 2 we see the opposite: a group of believers so convinced of Jesus' promises of His overflowing goodness that theytake care of the needs of othersat all costs for himself.


How does this verse challenge you? Ask God to speak to you about His generosity in Jesus and how it can change your perspective on giving and those in need.

For children and families: Talk to your family about the meaning of the word generosity. How is sharing related to generosity? How are the gifts related to him?

Day 5: Loyalty

And day after day they attended the temple together, and broke bread in their homes, ate it with joyful and bountiful hearts, praising God, and having favor with all men.– Atos 2:46-47

Here we see a simple but profound example of God's children attuned to His work in the world. They receive of God and praise Him, and others see this lifestyle as an example to emulate.

In many ways Acts 2:42–47 is a summary of the entire book, which can be summed up as the progress of the kingdom of God, first among the Israelites and then throughout the world. It is a story of God's people allowing their faith in God's kingdom to move them into action. When God's children believe His promisesthey begin to act in ways that demonstrate their belief.


What does the unshakable fidelity of the early church teach you about how God works through His people?

For children and families: Discuss together why church is an important and special part of being part of God's family. How does going to church help you live for God in the ordinary moments of your day?

Day 6: Transformation

…And the Lord added to them day by day those who were saved…— Atos 2:47

Did you notice how these six verses begin? Every new sentence in this translation (and other important ones) starts with "e". This simple transitional word means that we are to look at each verse in light of the others. Habits and rhythms, the power of God working through faith, the people of God in community, the manifestation of generosity and the practice of faith are necessary and interdependent elements in how God uses his people to minister to the world through his kingdom change.

Faith in God's promises to us always changes us: our identity changes when we become His children. It is part of what motivates us to participate in God's mission of salvation and restoration in the world. Abandoning belief in the abstract does not advance the kingdom of God, nor does it show His power at work in the world. This is what God asks of his peopleMove their faith from their heads to their hands and take action.


Think about how becoming a child of God has changed your life. Ask God what you could do to show His life-changing love to those in need.

For children and families: Talk to your family about the connection between God's salvation and His mission in your life. What could you do to live for God?

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