Why is my screen so dark at maximum brightness? 6 fixes to use (2023)

The adaptive brightness feature may be responsible for this issue.

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Why is my screen so dark at maximum brightness? 6 fixes to use (1)

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Why is my screen so dark at maximum brightness? 6 fixes to use (2)

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  • If your computer screen is dim, it could be related to Windows 10's automatic dimming options.
  • You should also check your GPU drivers if theLaptop screen is too dark.
  • Running the built-in power supply troubleshooter was also found to be effective in resolving this issue.

Why is my screen so dark at maximum brightness? 6 fixes to use (3)


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One of the recent issues that users are complaining about is the dark screen despite having full brightness turned on. Some are dealing with a dark screen even when they set the brightness level to 100%.

While there are several potential causes of this issue, the solutions are not far-fetched as shown in this guide.

Why is my screen dark but my brightness is at maximum?

There are several factors why your screen can be so dim on your Windows 10 laptop, even at maximum brightness. Let’s look at some of the causes in detail:

  • adaptive brightness adjustment: Windows 10 uses the adaptive brightness feature to increase or decrease the screen brightness in response to the environment. This feature could be why your screen is suddenly so black. You need to disable adaptive brightness if you want to keep your screen bright all the time.
  • Outdated video driver – Your video driver may start to misbehave if it is out of date. This can be the reason for this problem and cause other problems. The quickest solution here is to update your drivers.
  • Problems with PC power settings: In some cases, problems with your PC's power settings can affect screen brightness. Running the power troubleshooter should diagnose and recommend possible solutions for this.

How do I fix a screen that is too dark on maximum brightness?

This is what you must do first:

  • Although this doesn't always work, you should try to hold the button down.fn(lowercase n) on the keyboard while holding down the keyUp arrowButton. This should increase the screen brightness. The opposite is the case, i.e. oppressivefn+down arrowdecreases brightness.

1. Turn off adaptive brightness

  1. tightenventanaI like +EUto open theIdeasapp and select itSystemPossibility.
  2. Select theAnnouncementoption in the left panel.
  3. Now uncheck the box next toAutomatically change brightness when lighting changes.Under thebrightness and colorSection.

The adaptive brightness feature makes your PC readable regardless of the brightness level of your location. It does this by dimming and brightening the screen as needed, regardless of your settings.

This could be why your screen is dark in Windows 10 even though you have set the maximum brightness.

2. Run the Power Troubleshooter

  1. tightenventanaI like +EUand select thisUpdates and securityPossibility.
  2. To chooseProblems solutionin the left panel and click the buttonAdditional bug fixesPossibility.
  3. To choosePerformanceand click onRun the troubleshooterI like.

Small issues with your PC's power settings can affect the screen's brightness and make it look too dark. In that case, you should run the power troubleshooter.

3. Enable and disable the display adapter

  1. tightenventanaI like +xand select thisDevice administratorPossibility.
  2. Double click onmonitor adapteroption and right-click the device there.
  3. Select thedisable devicePossibility.
  4. Now right click on the device again and select theactivate devicePossibility.

Some users have pointed out that interference with the display adapter can cause the black screen issue. Disabling and enabling the adapter turned out to be enough to fix this issue.

4. Update the display driver

  1. Right click on theTo startpress and selectDevice administratorfrom the list.
  2. expand thismonitor adapteroption and right-click the device there.
  3. To chooseupdate driversPossibility.
  4. Now choose theFind drivers automaticallyoption and install the available update.

An outdated driver is another major reason why your screen is dark. The solution to this is to update your driver. If Windows Driver Updater does not resolve this issue, visit the driver manufacturer's website to download the latest version.

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Remember that updating your drivers can be a risky procedure. If you are not careful, you could permanently damage your system by downloading and installing the wrong driver versions.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend using the dedicated tool below to automatically download all outdated drivers for your PC.

This solution is extremely fast and updates and repairs your drivers in one step and with less clicks than you can imagine.

Why is my screen so dark at maximum brightness? 6 fixes to use (14)


You can opt for DriverFix whenever you need to update your drivers as it is the most efficient tool.

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5. Revert the video driver

  1. To startDevice administratorand expand themonitor adapterPossibility.
  2. From there, double click on the driver to open its properties.
  3. To chooseconductortab above and click the buttonreversal controllerI like.

If you notice that your Windows 10 screen is too dark after updating your monitor driver, you may need to reset your monitor.

If the back button is grayed out or unavailable, there is no controller to go back to. Visit the computer manufacturer's website to download the latest driver.

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6. Install the latest driver in compatibility mode

  1. Download the latest driver from the manufacturer's website.
  2. Right-click on the installer and select theCharacteristicsPossibility.
  3. tightencompatibilityabove and check the box forRun the program in compatibility mode to:.
  4. Now click on the drop down menu and selectwindows 8.
  5. From here, click on theTo usekey followed byACCORDINGLYto save the changes.
  6. Finally, run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Sometimes it is necessary to install drivers in compatibility mode for an older operating system to make it work well. The above steps will walk you through the process and hopefully fix your screen issue.

If your computer screen is so dark even at 100% brightness level, it could indicate a hardware failure. But with the above fixes, you will be able to fix it effectively.

Are you experiencing other issues, for example?Windows 10 brightness slider is missing? Then read our detailed guide to fix the problem for good.

Let us know the solution that helped you fix this issue in the comments below.

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    Why is my screen so dark at maximum brightness? 6 fixes to use (20)

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